My name is Marta Latorre Rubio. I was born on the 2nd of April in a small village in Almería, in the very south of Spain. This village, Macael, is well known for its marble mines. My father started working in one of them at age 13, he still works with stones. My mother had 5 children and I am the youngest.
I currently live and work in The Netherlands. With a traditional education in Fine Arts, at the moment I try to unlearn to learn other realms that make more sense for who I am and where I came from. Currently, the subject of my work can be contextualized in the social and cultural fields where I investigate the concept of belonging and I explore my own identity as a gitana (roma woman in Spain) and as a woman growing up in a patriarchal structured family where gender violence has been present.
My projects are replete with spiritual and emotional input that derives part of my personal family history and also gives testimony to the
reconstruction history of my ancestors.
At the moment I work in video installations and in a series of big-scale oil paintings.